Monday, 30 May 2016

W.A.L.T :write persuasively

   30 blockhouse bay
                              Addison st
                             May 31st 2016
Dear Smiggle’s owner
Do you know the more cheaper stuff you have the more money you could earn?Do you want to know how?People will see the change and buy more cool things and you can be a really good company because you would have good quality for cheaper.If you can’t make all of your stuff cheap that’s ok but you could have a pocket money section then you could have cheap things but also expensive things.

You also sell really good stuff so little children want to buy a spy pen,a lipstick eraser but it’s always too expensive.So not many people buy anything.Your company might become popular if you have cheap stuff and good quality.Parents would be happy to buy all those things that their kids want and little children like me wouldn’t have to convince our parents to buy us stuff.

These reasons show how your company might become popular.So I hope you have a good think about it.

Yours Sincerely Siya

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  1. Good first effort Siya. Next time, think about expanding your vocabulary so you are not using the same words (like 'Stuff') all the time.