Monday, 8 August 2016

W.A.L.T:write an explanation

Explain why siblings are annoying

“Siya” ”Yes Mom” “Clean your room and then do your homework” “Yes Mom” . I clean my room and Belle comes along .”Will you play with me” “No” “Why” “I have to do my homework” “Do it later” “Fine”
She hides in my room and throws everything on the floor.I find her “Oh no” “Siya I thought I said clean your room” “You’re grounded” “Nooooo”

My mom bought me a laptop.Belle is jealous so she took it when I went out with my friends but when I came back home she put it back.My mom recorded her using my laptop .I took a glance at the video and I found out she has a crush.I blackmailed her to do all my chores or I would tell her friends she has a crush.

“Mom” “My friend asked me if she could come over to work on a assignment”. “She can come tomorrow”
Tomorrow my friends come over.”Mom we’re home” “You can work in your room until supper “Ok”.
Belle comes in. “Will you play with me” “No” “Please” “NO” “Now let me do my work” “Mom” “Yes Belle” “Siya’s not playing with me” “Let her do her work” “Fine”

“Mom” “Siya stole my private diary” “Siya” “Yes Mom” “You’re grounded” “What,Why?What did I do” “Don’t act

funny with me” “You stole Belle’s diary” “No I didn’t” “I will get you Belle”

3 ways to get revenge

  1. Get your sister’s phone and change her password. “Noooo”.
  2. Get a Oreo and take out the icing and put in toothpaste. “Yuck”.
  3. Tip out your sister’s toothpaste and put in mustard. “Aaaahhh”

Do you want a sister?

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