Thursday, 16 February 2017

W.A.L.T:Describe using our senses.

                 First morning in Room 3

Bbbrr” The 8:30 bell rang and I walked into the classroom unaware of what to do. I saw superhero’s all over the class and wondered “how old is Mr Bainbridge?” I got a whiff of deodorant and  then saw Tvisha and gave her a squeezy(hug). I then asked her ”What do I do”. She said ”Go hang your bag up”, Then Mr Bainbridge walked in , I ran into the cloak bay because I was nervous, I hung up by bag and took out my Chromebook case and again I looked around, I saw posters, blockheads and lots of superheroes. Then laughter filled the air, kids were just playing around  normally like it was not the first day but the last day, so I put my stuff away and ran outside to play.

Then half an hour later … The bell rang ’’Uh Oh’’. I thought Mr Bainbridge was going to be strict but he didn’t look too strict, he looked cool but I didn’t know for sure . Any way Mr Bainbridge said in a British accent “Good Morning Room 3” We all said “Good Morning Mr Bainbridge” He had a hazelnut beard and sort of looked like a pirate but in normal clothing. He had tattoos all over and  he  looked so long that it looked like he was wearing stilts.

Then we went outside for boring fitness and Mr Tomokino started the assembly “Good morning Senior school “Morning Mr Tomokino” Then  Miss Richardson said”Own fitness”. I hoped this year would be a good one.
  • What was the learning intention of this lesson?

  • Did I learn anything new? I learnt that sometimes writing is harder than it seems.
  • What am I most pleased with? Share an example.Mr Bainbridge had a hazelnut beard and sort of looked like a pirate in normal clothing,he looked so long like he was wearing stilts.

  • What new learning can I celebrate?
  • What do I need more help with?

  • What did I find tricky?

  • What would I do differently?Next time I will make my recount more interesting by using interesting vocabulary choices.

  • What is needed to help me make improvements?

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