Wednesday, 1 March 2017

W.A.L.T:write a description using poetic language features

We were tasked to describe the blob-fish,here is the result.

The world's ugliest creature!
Meet the world’s ugliest creature, THE BLOB-FISH.The blob-fish is so ugly it looks like someone accidentally cut their skull open and pulled out there brain. The creature is also gross,fleshy and forever alone.I would die in depression if I saw that disgusting blob in front of me.The blob-fish is inedible so that means you can not eat it but anyway, why would anyone want to eat it.This pink,blobish and fat creature has strange eyes,his pupils are black and they bulge out of his face.The blob-fishes are the King and Queen of ugliness.

Image result for blobfishThis fish is like a yummy big bowl of jelly but when you take a spoonful “This is the worst party ever”!His nose is fat and round right above his frown.His frown has a blob of spit,I guess that’s why they call it the blob-fish.The blob-fish is the Donald Trump of the sea.SO BEWARE!      

  • Did I learn anything new?I learnt to use more describing words.

  • What new learning can I celebrate?I achieved my writing goal of constantly using capital letters.

  • What would I do differently?I would not use transnational type of writing.

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  1. Some of your description reads more like transactional writing (inedible). Some things to consider are spaces after punctuation, plurals (blobfish not blobfishes) and using a variety of sentence starters.