Thursday, 6 April 2017

Tanisha the terrible

Tanisha the terrible

Tanisha was the world’s worst child. She wanted to have everything just so. She had black high heels that she said “matches her sea-green pupils’’. Her mother thought she was an angel and spoilt her rotten. Tanisha  was not the most admired person at school but she had two best friends which were also treated like royalty.

Tanisha the terrible , perfect Paris and lunatic Lucy were the fashion police, if anyone who came within two miles of them they would have to change. She was adored by the boys because she was gorgeous but all the girls dreaded her. She pushed and shoved past all the girls and hated the geeks, she said ”they are hideous and are always studying,studying and studying”. But that was not the worst thing she did.

Our story begins when Tanisha was in her worst mean and rude mood. She had chipped a nail, broken a toe, messed up her makeup and spilled juice down her favourite dress. She was very late and it was her first day back from the holidays,her new teacher would be really mad. Her new teacher was Miss Spite,also know as “the witch”. She loved saying catchphrases and wouldn’t miss the chance for some trouble. Today Tanisha was in big trouble, Miss Spite said ”Litter duty” Tanisha said”but”,Miss Spite said”Litter duty for a week’.She didn’t say anything but left the class swearing”@!#*!@#*!@#*”.She would get her back big time. Tanisha went home once she finished litter duty and thought and thought but couldn’t think of anything. Suddenly she thought of how she would get her teacher back, by putting worms in her chocolate.

She put her alarm for 4:00 so she would be there before her teacher but she forgot one thing. The next morning her alarm didn’t go off ”Uh Oh”. It was 7:00. She had forgotten to turn on her alarm. But all was not gone,she quickly changed and ran outside.She got to school in 5 minutes using her pink limo,she ran like she had never ran before(Well she has never ran before).She took out the chocolate,ran to the school garden and took out her worm bucket from the shed(they were alive). She cut the chocolate and put the worms in,she had to stick it back on using dough.”Done”!.She ran back to class and put it on the teacher's desk but little did she know her teacher was standing by the door but hid when she left the class.Her teacher then took the chocolate and took a piece of paper and write “From your Secret Admirer” and put the chocolate in her locker.Tanisha then headed towards her locker satisfied,,she opened it and was in for a nasty surprise.She opened her locker and saw a chocolate with a note saying”Your secret admirer”.She was thrilled,she ate the chocolate not realizing it had worms in it.She spit it all over her dress,she saw Miss Spite taking a video of that.”I’ll never be able to show my face in public”she shouted.And with that she left,that was the last sighting of Tanisha the terrible.

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  1. A thoroughly entertaining read Siya - Tino pai. Some thing you may consider is re-reading carefully to ensure you remain in the correct tense ( had ran before not has ran before ) Please also remember a space after any punctuation.