Thursday, 6 April 2017

The past is important

The past is important in our lives. Think back over the events of your past. From that time to today is your history, and it is important. You learned, you made mistakes, and you grew.

We need to remember the events of the past in order to not make the same mistakes in the future. During the 1981 Springbok tour there were riots caused by the New Zealand Government seeming to support the apartheid system in South Africa. In 2017 in the USA there seems to be a movement of separating people based on race. The USA should learn from the past that separating people based on race causes tension, fighting and even deaths.

The past is also important because we can learn about our ancestors and culture. It gives us a better understanding of who we are today. Even though we are kiwis or New Zealanders we discovered that lots of our traditions and customs can be traced back to Britain e.g. rugby, fish and chips and laws.

My past is important to me because a lot of my elders have experienced life without electronics,cars and a lot of other things that they didn’t have in the olden days.They have also had good times that I have not experienced as in after school playing outside with your friends hide and seek,khoko and  marbles.

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