Sunday, 28 May 2017

Argument-Year 5´s should go to camp

Argument-Year 5´s should go to camp
At Halsey Drive School the Year 6´s go to camp but not the Year 5´s.Are you a Year 5?, Don't you think we deserve to go to camp,after all the Year 5´s do the dishes,handbell and even handing out notices. In fact we do more than the Year 6’s.At camp the Year 6’s have fun and chill out with friends well we're stuck at school doing school work.I think that that’s not really fair,I agree it’s their last year at this school but still.

Camp is a place where we could learn how to manage by ourselves,learn to take all your luggages by yourself and even sleep by yourself for some of the kids who don’t.At West Harbour School,Victoria Avenue School, Manuka Primary School and many more.So why can’t the Year 5’s go to camp in our school?You may argue that it would be more of a expense taking more students but we could just fundraise more money or you could ask parents to pay for a little bit of their child’s expenses.

In my personal experience,I was in Room 3 and all the Year 5’s were split so lots of people couldn’t be with their friends which was unfair and all the Year 5’s in Room 3 probably agree.Again you may say that we can meet at Morning Tea and Lunch but we still think that is not enough time.At camp we would probably be able to see all our friends whenever we want to.

Out of 14 Year 5’s in Room 3 all of them wanted to go to camp with the year 6’s. As I have demonstrated above there are numerous reasons why  the Year 5’s should go to  camp with the Year 6’s such as responsibility and independence. I implore you to take our suggestions on board.I look forward to discussing this further with you.

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  1. Great to see you including some persuasive language here Siya. I was also impressed with how you researched to find out which schools have year 5's who go to camp. Ka rawe