Sunday, 21 May 2017

W.A.L.T:Identify persuasive techniques

We were tasked to create an advertisement for my baby carrier using persuasive language features.


Mum 1 - Tvisha
Mum 2 - Siya
Voice Over: Mr Bainbridge


Mum 1  - Oh no! Our baby carrier for darling Tracy  just broke again !
Mum 2 :  You know, Sally crawled out of the pram yesterday and almost fell. It was lucky I was around or she would have hit her head.
Mum 1- It’s the pram we’ve got. I wonder if there are any good quality prams around here .

Voice Over: If you are searching for a good quality pram head now to   Winner of the safest,luxurious and most comfortable  pram award of 2017, Includes a comfy seat for baby, a sunshade roof and transforms into crib when wanted. Order now! Kids for Kids Royal Prams where babies matter.

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