Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Halsey Drive School should have a student common room

We were tasked to write an argument of what we would like to change or make a new thing in our school.Check my Argument

Halsey Drive School should have a student common room

Halsey Drive School has a common room for teachers but not students. So where do students go to relax and have some peace and quiet? A common room is  a room in a school or college for use of students or staff outside teaching hours. I believe that the Year 5,s and 6ś deserve this as we help around the school (The School Councils, The house Captains) and other kids do  jobs such as unloading the dishwasher, ringing the handbell and handing out notices.

Lots of schools around New Zealand have common rooms such as Knighton Normal School , Diocesan and the University of Otago. Having a common room would be a good way for the Year 5ś and 6ś to catch up with friends and just have some fun.You may argue that we have the whole of Morning Tea and Lunch to do that but on the other hand Morning Tea is way too short and at Lunch lots of people go to places like Choir, Multicultural, Netball, Soccer, Football, Blitz Cricket and Waste Wise.

Exactly 24/28 children in our class have been told off for staying inside their class during break times on a cold day. My personal experience with this was when I was sitting outside in the freezing cold, shivering and barely being able to eat my lunch I went inside to warm up a little bit, I had just walked through the door and got in trouble with Mr Casey. He said ¨I need you to go outside and don't want you coming back or it will be time out¨. If we had a common room students would never again share this problem.

A common room would take a lot of money and space but we can do lots of things to solve that problem such as kids could donate things like couches,rugs and other supplies of furniture. We could also fundraise for example we can have more Mufti day and Iceblock selling.

As I have demonstrated above there are numerous reasons why we should have a common room such as a fun time to chill with buddies without getting in trouble. I would be very happy if you would consider that Halsey Drive School could have a student common room. I look forward to your reply.

My opening Paragraph stated the argument and my point of view
I have a counter argument
I gave a personal experience related to the argument
I used facts or statistics to support my argument
My conclusion gave a recommendation or action to be taken.

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  1. A well thought out and structured argument. You used a counter argument and a personal experience in order to persuade. Could you locate some facts to strengthen your argument further?