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Speech Topic - The world's worst vegetables
Introduction - Quote/Questionhbfgjidheig/Story

First of all I would like to say that…
I would like to begin by….
Although not everyone will agree, I want to present the idea that….
After much consideration I want to put to you that...
If you think back on your childhood, there are a few memories that will stand out like  the day you learned how to ride your bike (without training wheels or falling over), your first day of school, going away on holidays, and of course all the times your parents tried to feed you disgusting soggy brussel sprouts and broccoli .Do you like vegetables? No! Do you still have to eat them? Yes, well there are a few vegetables that I hate but there is  just one vegetable that I absolutely hate. It’s round and brown with heaps of layers.It's the world's worst vegetable, Have you guessed it yet?  
First Paragraph - Evidence, Examples, Facts, Personal Experience, Quotes,Comparisons, Counter Arguments

To begin with….
I would like to offer the following reason why….
It seems to me that….
There is strong evidence to suggest that….
Then I’ll tell you it's an onion, you may be wondering if there is such a thing as a world’s worst vegetable, well there is one according to me. I hate, hate, hate onions there yuck, smell bad and they make you cry when you cut them. But there are heaps of other disgusting vegetables in the world too like Brussel sprouts, Radish, Zucchini ,Cauliflower and many more. Have you ever seen your mom cutting onions and started crying? Well,why is she crying? Well it’s actually because onions have this natural acid inside them. So when you cut the onion, the acid spreads quickly and irritates your eyes which makes you cry.

Second Paragraph - Evidence, Examples, Facts, Personal Experience, Quotes,Comparisons, Counter Arguments

Another reason….
In addition…
An equally important point to consider is…..
On the other hand….
Have you ever thought why kids hate vegetables so much? The reason behind this is that we hate the look of vegetables and the bitter taste. Have you ever hidden your vegetables from your parents.I haven’t but here’s a tip. If you do ever get caught hiding or throwing away vegetables you can pretend that you’ve actually just dropped them on the floor.
Third Paragraph - Evidence, Examples, Facts, Personal Experience, Quotes,Comparisons, Counter Arguments

Despite what some people believe….
The advantages of……
I recognise that…. But…
To further support my point…...
On Ranker, onions are considered the 21st worst vegetable in the world out of 47 vegetables. So I guess some people may think that I was wrong saying that the world's worst vegetable is an onion. Many people believe brussel sprouts are the world's worst vegetable. But onions are pretty much just as yuck as brussel sprouts and onions make you cry too. Speaking of crying my friend thinks she’s so smart, she says onions are the only food that make you cry, so I threw a coconut at her face. She’s not as smart as she thinks she is.
Conclusion - Call to question, Call to action, The Quote

Having listened to my reasons you will now believe that….
To sum up…
The reality remains that….
Now you will agree that onions are the world’s worst vegetable.Have you ever heard the saying ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’. Well I think it should be changed to  ‘an onion a day keeps people away’ So go and tell your parents ‘No more onions because Siya said they are the worst’.Even though we may argue with our parents we don’t want to eat vegetables their answer is always the same.You have to eat your vegetables.So just eat them.

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