Wednesday, 30 August 2017


We were tasked to write a fairytale with a twist.Here is mine

Once upon a time in midwinter, when the snowflakes were falling like feathers from heaven, a queen sat sewing at her window, which had a frame of black ebony wood. As she sewed she looked up at the snow and pricked her finger with her needle. Three drops of blood fell into the snow. The red on the white looked so beautiful that she thought to herself

"If only I had a child as white as snow, as red as blood, and hair as black as ebony wood”. Soon afterward she had a little daughter whose skin was as white as snow, her lips as red as blood, and  her hair as black as ebony wood, and therefore they called her Snow-White. During Snow White's birth the queen died.

Snow white and her dad lived in a modern house now because after Snow White's momś death they couldn't bear to live in the castle which was filled with her belongings and all the rooms reminded the king of his wife. A year later the grieving king had decided that Snow white would need a mother so he decided to remarry. His wife was a beautiful woman, but vain and selfish. The new queen had a special app which she checked  every morning and asked “who's the fairest of them all?” and the app would reply ¨you are the fairest of them all, my queen¨. Only then would the queen be satisfied for she knew that the app did not lie.

Years passed and the girl had grown up. Snow White blew bubblegum and wore a red crop top with Taylor Swift on it and blue skinny jeans with her Converse sneakers. In her pocket she had her brand new Iphone which was playing a Taylor Swift song. The queen was getting older and grumpier and  then one morning when she asked her app “who's the fairest of them all?” The app said “You, my queen, are fair, it is true. But Snow White is a thousand times fairer than you”

The queen was horrified at the thought that Snow White was fairer than her and decided it was time to take matters into her own hands. The next day Snow White’s friends came over and they said ”Snow you have 40 million subscribers on Youtube and you have hit a billion followers on Twitter”. The queen saw this and was devastated. The queen would have to kill Snow White. She called her huntsman and said “I’ll give you a brand new iphone 8 as soon as it’s released if you kill Snow White for me”. The huntsman said “Ok”,but before he went to bed he texted Snow White that the queen had sent him to kill her and that he wouldn’t kill her but help her instead. He knew that Snow White was kind and loyal (also he was Snow White’s  billionth follower on Twitter).

The next day the huntsman took Snow White out to the forest and told her to run and  not to upload anything on Twitter or Youtube otherwise the queen would realise and would come out to the woods and kill her. Snow White replied “ok” and ran. Darkness fell upon her and she knew that the only option was to sleep on the ground but after being treated with royalness and sleeping in the comfiest bed in the kingdom it was going to be a long night. She carefully slept down on the ground and took out her blanket from her posh bag and covered herself up. Soon after she dozed off dreaming that her mother and father were  alive and that she never had to leave the castle.

.Sunrise cast upon the woods and as Snow White woke up she saw  cute woodland creatures all around her. Snow White suddenly felt much braver as she had always loved animals and would forever go to the zoo with her friends. After all her dad had made the zoo next to her home even though her stepmother was constantly saying they would have rats. She suddenly felt nauseous thinking about her dad. She knew that her stepmother had killed him even though she was out of town that day, she had probably sent someone to kill him like she sent the huntsman to kill her though he had spared her.

She realised she would need to find a home and suddenly as the birds started tweeting really loudly and flew in the direction of a delicious smell, Snow White followed them and found herself in a small cottage looking at a delicious bowl of  tomato soup, though she would prefer a modern meal she knew it was this or nothing. She slurped down the soup still using her table manners. She sat down  in a soft fluffy chair and almost fell asleep until “Bang” went the door as footsteps followed. In came three small dwarves and stared at Snow in shock wondering what a girl was doing here curled up on their soft fluffy chair. Snow White immediately stood up and curtseyed.

Dopey, one of the dwarves stifled a yawn. Then Lazy asked her “What do you want?¨. Snow White started her story “My stepmom was jealous of me and sent a huntsman to kill me, though because he knew I was a kind and caring person he told me to run deep away in the forest. So may I please stay here”. Dopey and Happy said “Yes” but then Lazy said “Not unless you clean and cook for us¨. Snow said ¨ I can't cook though I can clean¨. Lazy said ¨I'll teach you¨. Snow replied ¨Yes please, i've  always wanted to learn to cook¨. ¨Fine, that's settled, now can we please go to sleep, I have work tomorrow early in the morning¨ said Dopey still stifling yawns. ¨Yes please,but where should I sleep¨ asked Snow White. ¨You may sleep in the guest room¨ replied Dopey

Snow White entered the room and looked at her new bedroom in satisfaction. It wasn´t a bit like her house but still warm and welcoming. On the wall hung photos of birds and the bed neatly kept as well as green polished drawers where she could put her belongings. As Snow White had known the queens plan she had also bought a few of her belongings, some money and her frame of her mother and father. Snow was allowed to decorate her room the next day as she had bought her animal frames, some of her favourite soft toys as well as some of her paints as she loved painting but instead of painting on a canvas, she decided to paint the walls with her own style. Back at the house she wasn't allowed to paint on the walls and all of them were kept plain white.

Back at the castle the queen asked her app ¨Who is the fairest of them all¨. The app said “You, my queen, are fair, it is true. But Snow White is a thousand times fairer than you hidden in the cottage by Lake Swan road¨.The queen was outrageous at the thought that Snow White was alive and so she thought that she would have to kill Snow White with her own hands as well as she would deal with the huntsman later.So that night the queen bought a bottle of poison and took a watermelon .She dropped heaps of poison all over the watermelon and put it in her room for then.The next day she would go disguised as a old lady and give Snow the watermelon.But in a basket she would put other watermelons so Snow White wouldn´t suspect anything but she would put that watermelon in the middle.

Snow  White woke up the next morning for she was going to learn to cook as well as she had to clean the cottage. She saw next to her bed was a cookbook and a note saying I had to go to work so I left you a cookbook signed Lazy.So Snow White got up cleaned and cooked until 12:00 ,she decided to eat lunch when suddenly there was a knock at the door. Snow White opened it and found herself face to face with  an old lady.Would you like a watermelon¨ asked the queen in a disguise. ¨Yes please,I've always loved watermelon¨ The queen smiled and gave her the melon for she knew that Snow White loved melon and couldn't resist.

She cut the melon and took a bite.Crunch. Snow White fell to the ground.The queen threw off her disguise and ran. The dwarves returned home and found Snow on the ground unconscious.They ran to the doctors and called him to help Snow White.The doctor came as quickly as he could and sprayed water on Snow White.Her eyes flicked a bit as the water went in her eyes but after that there was no movement.So he took her to the hospital and gave her a medical surgery. She woke up and the police asked her “Who did it”. Snow White said”An old lady,I think she was disguised though because her hair colour was the same as my stepmother and she left behind a piece of hair I think,could you please do the DNA”.They said “Yes” and left. Dopey, Happy and Lazy entered and said ”Be more careful next time,you were lucky we came home early today”.Then they also left Snow White to rest and after 2 hours the police returned with her stepmother in handcuffs.They asked Snow White if she wanted to say anything to her stepmother. Snow said “No thank you,I’ve seen enough of her”.So the police took her through to the womens police station and then went to the judge and asked him ¨What shall we do with the queen ¨.¨You can leave her in prison for her life time without parole¨.

Media rushed to the hospital and took photos and asked Snow White ¨If she wanted to be on TV because she was so pretty¨.Snow said ¨Why¨.They said ¨Our lead character resigned and so were starting a new show,which we want you to be in¨.Snow white said ¨Only if I pick the name of the show and what happens¨.They said yes.So that night when Snow White went home (Her real one) she called them up and said ¨I´ve picked the name , the shows called Late Nights with Snow White¨.The producers immediately agreed and booked her timing at 9:00..

That was Snow Whiteś story though it has a happy ending,you have learnt not to take things from strangers or trust them.

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