Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Guess who?

We were tasked to write a short description of a job and use show not tell.Have a good time trying to guess what the job is.

The noises grow louder and louder with each step she takes. Walking through the waiting room she passes metal prisons containing her patients. The distressed creatures quickly gobble down their food hungrily. She cautiously picks up a scrawny, undernourished mammal and takes it to the operating theatre.
As she finishes operating she passes the reception and checks if she has any more patients for the day. Fortunately there are no more hurt creatures to attend.


  1. I really liked your guess who.I think I know who it is,.I think it's a vet

  2. A very good description Siya with some fantastic vocabulary e.g. undernourished. Thank you for taking on my feedback during writing. An idea for next time might be to think about using a wider range of sentence starters such as verbs, prepositions and adverbs.

  3. Your description was full of wonderful vocabulary. I liked your writing.