Wednesday, 13 September 2017

The upset pony

                           The upset pony

Sunshine fell upon the Rainbow City as in the distance unicorns neighed. Hidden behind a maze of branches stood an enchanted castle. It was really easy to miss among the towering trees. The bamboo-brown forest was a leafy paradise. At sunset the dream dragons would fly up and spray magical dust all over the the town which would give everyone happy dreams.
Sophie and Ava were both playing when they went to check on their pet unicorns named Twinkle Dust and Silver Night. Sophie and Ava had magical necklaces which had a blue heart that contained fairy dust. They opened the latch and sprinkled the fairy dust on the heart. They could now understand the unicorns and the unicorns could understand them. They asked them if they wanted to play in the meadow.

The unicorns response was yes and soon they were playing happily outside when suddenly a pony with the colour fur of a cookie ran up and asked if she could play. The unicorns replied “No,we don't want to play with you, you’re not pretty, you are just a plain ugly horse”. The pony was upset and ran off and as she was leaving Sophie and Ava saw her and ran after her and yelled “Stop”.

The pony neighed “ Do you want to insult me too?, I know I’m plain and ugly”. Sophie and Ava were shocked at what they heard and asked her to tell them what was wrong. She told them what had happened. They both ran and asked the unicorns how could they be so mean.  The unicorns replied “She’s just a pony and were unicorns so we don’t want to play with her”.  Sophie said “ you were a pony too, before we put a spell on you and changed you”. The unicorns were offended at this and replied “Fine, keep her as your pet, were off” and with that the unicorns flew off in the distance. Almost at once, Sophie wished she hadn’t spoken.

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