Thursday, 5 April 2018


We used a personification to describe a feeling


Joyful. Joyful is everyone’s favourite person in the whole wide
world. She makes everyone burst out laughing and spreads
bliss and peace everywhere she goes. I love how Joyful will never
leave you alone and upset but instead pop your sad bubble and
invite you to play. Joyful has a strong passion of lighting other
people’s day by making funny faces, jokes and noises, but hard
work and charm is always at her heart.

Her luxurious blonde hair and her golden streaks is just one of
her amazing qualities and her tie-dyed jumpsuit is so colourful
sending happy vibes and marshmallow scents. Joyful has just got
too much energy. Will it ever run out ?


My Pencil is stuck inside my hand, refusing to write.
Coldness fills my body leaving me alone and confused.
I know what I did was wrong but it’s too late now.
What have I become ?

Reflection : I really like how I added detail about her appearance
and next time maybe I could make my negative emotion a bit longer.

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