Thursday, 5 April 2018

Muriwai Beach

We were tasked to tell people about our day at Muriwai Beach

Sand, Waves and much more!

Looking down from the top level, I observe the people walking their cute dogs and
just strolling around the streets for fun . We had just left Halsey Drive School
and were on our way to Muriwai Beach in a double decker bus . Awaiting the
adventure that was about to take place was going to take an awful long time as
Muriwai is around a whole hour away from our school. Stepping down the stairs
and onto damp, moist grass had never felt so good before and as I breathe in the
humid air , we make our way down to the seaside. The scorching sand ignites my
feet with each step I take but stepping lightly across the sand seemed a
better option and it helped . Finally stepping into the salty water made me feel
much better. Waves tumble towards me as I have to step out of the water and I
step onto the sand once more ,  I take one glance back at the waves and then run
up the sand swiftly and cautiously.

Reflection : I like how I added a little bit more information about the bus ride and
told them about the cute dogs and people strolling around the streets. I think next
time I could talk about us playing in the water and our meeting about water safety
and how we had to act out a rule.

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