Thursday, 5 April 2018

My Dream Classroom

  My Dream Classroom

Walking into the school grounds, I prepare myself for another boring year
with the same old, drab classroom . Stepping into my new class,
I feel peculiar and almost faint in awe . Instead of a normal classroom,
in front of me is something I have always wanted . Walls covered in an
exquisite pastel velvet wallpaper and In the corner, I witness the most
adorable and extraordinary puppy ever. I rush over only to have this cute
creature pine all over me !

A door was hiding at the end of the classroom waiting to be opened.  
Pushing it , I see soft toys cuddled up on a pastel blue carriage with
majestic gold horses in front and three luxurious branded spas .
Here my friends and I can relax in the spas or sleep in the carriage after a
long day of playing / learning .  Just when I thought things can not get
any better, I stare at a kitchen with chocolate dispensers and a DIY room.
It looks like this year is going to be a lot brighter than any year in this

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