Thursday, 5 April 2018

Cyclone Gita

We were tasked to describe and update people on Cyclone Gita .

The Biggest Storm

What started as light drops of rain and wind whistling,
turned into the biggest natural disaster I had
experienced. The trees didn’t moan, instead they wailed
for mercy from the cold hearted and selfish storm.
They were ripped away from the soggy ground while
their leaves were shredded into confetti.
The rain didn’t stop but continued with it’s plan to
make people’s lives tortuous, painful and traumatic.

We curl up in rags of clothes to protect us from the
cold and harsh effects of the cyclone.
We had almost given up hope that our life was
ever going to be normal again, but we still linger
around waiting with a very strong desire. Home.  
Cyclone Gita News

The merciless wind howls as Cyclone Gita hits New Zealand after hammering
Taonga. Cyclone Gita has already hit the Pacific island, nations of Fiji and
Tonga last week, packing winds up to 180-200 kilometres per hour.
Fiji escaped major damage but Tonga suffered widespread destruction and

Earlier, the cyclone had caused massive damage in Samoa and American
Samoa.As it hit’s New Zealand,Christchurch and the other districts on the
South Island of New Zealand take a decision and declare a natural disaster
this week as Cyclone Gita was going to tear through the country, leaving
many without power.

Cyclone Gita is set to bring 15m waves,300mm of rain and wind gusts above
130 km per hour in areas near its centre when it hits New Zealand, leading to
significant coastal damage and flooding. After much uncertainty about when
and where the cyclone would make landfall, Weather Watch said today it
could hit the upper northwest corner of the South Island.

Cyclone Gita has come and might go in a few weeks time but has caused a lot
of problems for innocent people, their houses may have flooded or broken,
the trees swayed harshly before they plummeted to the ground or on top of
houses and lastly power lines had been damaged.

Because of Cyclone Gita lots of people are suffering, they have to survive the
powerful winds without shelter and a warm place to spend the night.
Schools have been shut down in some parts of Taonga, Samoa and the
South Island of New Zealand which has a severe impact on the children.

Cyclone Gita had been downgraded to a storm before it lashed New Zealand
with fierce gusts and torrential downpours, right now the weather here in
Auckland is a perfect sunny day but any Cyclone can still hit you whenever
and wherever. I have told you what Cyclone Gita can do to you so
now it’s your turn to be prepared for any natural disaster

Reflection : I like my description and how I added a bit of heart touching writing. I think next time I could add less information.

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