Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Movie Review


“Wait. Didn’t you try to eat me? Show me your teeth.” “Grrrr...” “It was you! I knew it. How are you?
So good to see you.”

For all you animal lovers and adventures Peter Rabbit is the movie for you.
A fun forest themed book that we have all read over a million times, has now made its
way onto the big screen for your entertainment.

This comedy with an all star cast will blow your top off and show you that everyone
makes mistakes but those who accept and fix their mistakes are the true heroes. Peter and his
sisters Flopsy (Margot Robbie), Mopsy (Elizabeth Debicki) and Cottontail (Daisy Ridley) live with
their cousin Benjamin Bunny (Colin Moody) next to Mr McGregor’s (Sam Neill) vegetable garden
which proves itself  to delicious for Peter who raids it skilfully despite the threat of being captured and
becoming rabbit pie. When Mr Mcgregor dies of a heart attack ( One of the reasons being he eaten too
many animal pies ) his relative ( Thomas ) moves in and he is not thrilled to be greeted with wildlife
chaos in his house. Thomas wants Peter Rabbit and his family out of his life, but also wants to impress
his next door neighbour, Bea ( Rose Byrne ) , a warm- hearted animal lover. She thinks of Peter as
family and a battle of wills breaks out between Peter and Thomas, not just fighting for their homes
but for also affection and careness from Bea too.

The film is a must see but you will have to take a pain reliever as you will  shriek so much during
the movie, that your throat will ache.

Star rate: We give this movie a 5 star rating, and as a classical forest themed book, Peter
Rabbit is ideal for adult and children viewers.

By: Zahra and Siya

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