Thursday, 7 June 2018

The night of whispers

    At 9:30 pm

The lights flicker and suddenly darkness fills the room as Ms Richardson leaves
the girls dorm with a quick good night. We could just about  hear the quiet
footsteps she was taking down the creaky stairs. Soon after, someone in our dorm
whispers to their bunk buddy “Are you bored “ and then began all the talking and
moving around . As I toss and turn trying to get to sleep, I hear my name being
called repeatedly. I sit up in my bed and in a hushed tone I ask, “Is someone calling
me?“ I quickly hear a reply, “Do you miss your parents ?“  I mumble a quick no
as someone was making their way up the stairs. Once again Ms Richardson tells
us that we are just above Mr Tomokino’s room and he is not pleased about all the
noise. Everyone acts as if they weren't talking but cuddled up in their blankets
                                  5:15 am

Someone decides that it’s now time to wake up all the girls in our dorm and
tell them to get changed. But that someone was not a teacher, so soon after
that everyone was wide awake but there was still 45 minutes until 6:00.
As we all tried to quietly whisper amongst ourselves, some people started talking.
So everyone started to talk and move around from their bed to friends beds.
Luckily time flew by and 6:00 came before we knew it. We were  all tired and
we knew that we would get better sleep tomorrow. That was the end of our first

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  1. Well done for using dialogue in your writing. Could you add in some more adverbs?