Thursday, 7 June 2018



                               Description :
In  a rusty pile of junk lay many unwanted items. A pungent smell
blew through the air as rotten scraps had been there for probably
over a year.
                                  Action :
In the lonely junk yard was an old tiny lady scrambling through the
junk hoping to find some unwanted treasure. Esther inspected an
old umbrella  and other bits and pieces she thought would suit her
                      Dialogue :
“ I wonder why some people just get rid of their belongings without
thinking twice about them. Some of this stuff can be reused easily  “
                         Where :

Esther lived alone in the middle of a junkyard which was on the
outskirts of town. She was used to the small squeaks of the furry
rodents and watching the rubbish man from far who would dump
priceless items without a care in the world. She would skilfully
go through each junk mountain looking for items she desired.
                              Adverb :
Taking quick steps back to her rusty car, Esther sniffed her
lovable junk perfume before laying back on the passenger seat.
She glanced back and saw an ancient wooden box. She opened it
and heard a melodious sound and saw the item she had been looking
                             Verb :                  
  In a rushed limp, Esther made her way to the junk pile and grabbed
the torn umbrella she had seen and an old ripped cardboard box ,
then made her way down to her cardboard castle.

                           Estimation of time :
A hour had passed and Esther was about to put on her dazzling ring
and finish her masterpiece. She had finally accomplished her dream
and she sat back on her old but comfortable chair.

                         Rhetorical Question :

I wonder what next crazy item I’m going to make ?

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