Thursday, 26 July 2018

The Secret Money Maker

 The Secret Money Maker :
To get to the secret money maker you must travel to the centre of the Earth
and then grab the chest and make a trip to the Miserable Mill. Over there
you must work day and night for 3 months and then ask the man named Ralph
to give you the key of the secret money maker. With that key, you can open
one of the parts but then you must go to the Dark Wonders Forest and climb
up the Forever tree which is the longest tree in the universe. You will find a very
\ suspicious squirrel and the squirrel will give you the last two keys.  Then open
the chest and grab the money maker pencil and sharpen half a pencil to get
$ 50 but if you want more like $ 100 , then sharpen the whole pencil. This pencil
is never ending , it will always appear back even if you sharpen it till it is
completely finished. Then chuck your money shavings into the chest and it will
make your shavings into coins. From that day on , you are a very rich person.

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